Sleeve Bag for iPad/Laptop by YouthWill



Material: Oxford external, EVA cushioning padding, antibacterial inner lining
Size: 32cm*24 cm
Thickness: 3 cm
Suitable for most tablets or laptops with sizes 13 inches and below. Please kindly note that you measure the dimension of your device.


After drinking a cup of coffee, the brain starts up, the spirit relaxes, and the beautiful today starts from this moment.

YouthWill's COFFEE CORNER series is inspired by coffee, hoping to use visual language to add charm to daily objects. Anywhere and anytime you can feel as if you are in your own small COFFEE CORNER.

Premium Material

The sleeve bag is made of high-quality Oxford external, antibacterial inner lining and thick soft cushioning padding, which provide your device with comprehensive protection away from dust, scratches and shocks.

Beautiful Embroidery

Smooth and exquisite embroidery pattern of espresso machine and the character "More coffee, please" Hope to remind you of the relaxing white noise of the coffee maker and the seductive aroma of coffee to wake you up at all times, brings you unlimited inspiration at work, study and leisure.

Large Capacity

There are various pockets to organize your items.

A main pocket for placing most pads or laptops smaller than 13 inches.

Internal compartment pocket can be placed A4 documents and magazines, flat storage is not afraid of creasing.

Small mesh bag and the back pocket have enough space for storing other accessories like your cellphone, chargers, USB cables, power bank, earphones, bank cards and other personal items.

Pen Holder

It can be used to store Apple Pencil and other stylus, also pens, water pens and other daily writing tools.

Zipper Closure

Durable and smooth zipper closure make easy access to your device and accessories.

It is convenient to both put in your bag while going outside and carry it alone.

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