Film Journal by YouthWill

「Take the infinite journal, take your life to infinity.」
If you want to organize your own film wish list, document all the films you watched and analyze your preference, put every thought about  films in our Film Journal!


Cover Material: PU
Inner Pages Material: 90GSM Superfine Writing Paper from Japan
Inner Pages: 128 pages (64 sheets)
Type: Film Journal
Size: 13*21cm


Record the Film-viewing Experience
Besides the details about films you watched, we designed a section for pasting your tickets or recording where you went and who you were with to watch films, making film-viewing experience itself memorable.
Create Your Own To-watch List and Index
You can jot down the films recommended from friends into the to-watch list and fill in the date, the corresponding page number of film reviews after watching. In this way, you create your own film list and index them in the meantime.
Find Your Film-viewing Preference
With our complimentary stickers of film type, the special design of pages for drawing a diagram of your preferred film type in all freedom, will help yourself know more about your film-viewing preference.
Document Your Favorite Films
This Film Journal allows you to document 50 films. And you can select your favorites and write them down on this page. It is a great way to cherish your movie collections.

Inner Pages 

  • Title Page 1 page
  • Content and Prologue 2 pages
  • Film List and Index 2 pages
  • Film Type 2 pages
  • Film Journal 100 pages
  • Favorite Films 2 pages
  • Squared Pages 18 pages
  • Personal Information 1 pages

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