2023 Dream Journal by YouthWill



Cover Material: PU

Inner Pages Material: 90GSM Superfine Writing Paper from Japan

Inner Pages Type: Vertical Timeline Planner

Date: 1/1/2023-12/31/2023

Size: 13*21cm

Thickness: 1.3cm


YouthWill's 2023 Dream Journal systematizes your time management as a loop system of planning, recording and summarizing to help you have a more visible, logical and methodical self-management.
2-page spread for each week, each day has a vertical layout with hours marked from 0 to 24. The weekly vertical timeline makes it easy to plot your week out down to the hour. Additional spaces let you record to-do lists, sleep, diet and exercise. YouthWill's 2023 Dream Journal is an elegant and professional companion that makes it easy to make your dreams come true.

Well-designed Vertical Timeline

Functional 24-hour vertical timeline:
The timeline is laid at the left edge of each column. In view of most users who might not need to plan out all 24 hours, we shorten the section from 1:00-5:00 a.m.

Romantic sunrise and sunrise in the hourly tracker:
To help you clearly plan your daily routines each day, the color streak indicates sunrise to sunset. And it also presents the subtle change of seasons in a romantic way.

Seeing Both Short-term and Long-term Goals

You can write down your dream list in the left column and your 5-year plan in the right column to have a clear blueprint of your future. To make plans yearly will keep you organized, motivated and help you adjust your plan better to achieve your personal goals soon.

Unique and Useful Layout

Unlike most planners which put the monthly calendar ahead segregated from the weekly vertical timeline, our Dream Journal notebook takes each month as a separate part in sequence of each month calendar, Gantt chart of each month and the weekly timeline of this month.

Inner Pages

Title Page 1 page
Yearly Calendar 2 pages
Contents 2 pages
Dream List and 5-year Plan 2 pages
Vision Board 2 pages
World Map 2 pages
Yearly Plan 4 pages
Monthly Plan 24 pages
Monthly Gantt Chart 24 pages
Weekly Plan 106 pages
Yearly Moment 2 pages
Yearly Review 2 pages
Custom List 11 pages
Pen Test 3 pages
Sample Page 4 pages
Layout Reference 2 pages
Free Page 10 pages
Personal Information 1 page

2023 Dream Journal & Cover Set

Dream Journal can be used alone, or in conjunction with Slim-A5 cover (with Pen Holder,Inner Pocket) Buy Dream Journal & Cover Set, get one Exclusive Badge for free!

Cover Size:14.6cm*22.5cm (5.7*9inches)
*This cover is compatible with 13×21cm (5.1×8.3inches) notebooks.
*Measurement error might be less than 3mm.

A full set including:

2023 Dream Journal Notebook *1
Slim-A5 Cover *1
Exclusive Badge *1

Cover Style:

A: PU Cover

-Made of PU, animal-friendly synthetic leather
-Soft texture of leather cover, extremely pleasant to touch
-Waterproof and good resistance to staying and color changing
-5 colors options
  • Red & Black
  • Pure White
  • Dark Green
  • Pale Dogwood
  • Pale Green

B: Harris Tweed Cover

-Made of 100% Scottish Harris Tweed
Harris Tweed was born in Outer Hebrides, Scotland, made by hand twisting, dyeing and weaving of local black face wool. The wool used by Harris Tweed is processed into fabric after a simple cleaning and removal of debris, so its composition is very pure, making it a great material for long-term daily use.

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