YouthWill's Cozy Corner Wooden Rubber Stamp


Comfort, warmth and relaxation are the key words of YouthWill's Cozy Corner Wooden Rubber Stamp. Play with our cute animal friends, Buuny Wowo, Hamster Zhizhi, and Fox Kaka, make your own cozy corner to cure your time at home.

Materials: wood, rubber
Size: 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 2 cm, 8 pieces / set
1. Please note due to the nature of the material, the wood block's color and texture will be different.
2. This stamp does not come with ink but can be used with ink pads and markers such as watercolor brush pens. We recommend testing any new ink on an inconspicuous page before use, as some inks will bleed through the paper.

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