Three Year Journal by YouthWill



Cover Material: PU
Inner Pages Material: 90GSM Superfine Writing Paper from Japan
Inner Pages Type: 3-year diary
Size: 13*21cm
Thickness: 2.4cm


YouthWill's 3-year Journal features a separate page for each day of the year, and each page is divided into three sections for you to fill in on the same date over three successive years. Record the unforgettable and unusual moment in the past and present, make your own growth progress legible and visible. This distinctive format gives you room to reflect on your day, and look back to see what you did at the same time last year, with each year's entry from that date on the same page.
It does in fact have dates, but you have the option to fill out the year yourself, so it is totally up to you whenever you would like to start writing this journal, you don't need to wait for the new year to start the diary.

365 Days × 3 Years
Each daily page lines up the same date across 3 years that remind you of the same day every year and rise the past times come before your eyes.

Special Design of the Date
You can circle the week in the bottom right corner and write down the year on the top left corner. The special design of the date makes every page more clear.

Undated Yearly Diary
It’s totally up to you whenever you would like to start writing this journal without wasting a page.

Memories Determine the Future
Keep track of your experience of life, your progress in your studies or work, your health condition over the past 3 years……Every memory created at present determines your direction of the future bit by bit.

Bookmark Ribbon
In view of the combination of function and beauty, our journal is equipped with two bookmark ribbons in light gold and silver grey for marking pages without creasing the paper.

Vintage-style Cover
Vintage design features stamping gold and exquisite embossed pattern. This hardcover made of wear-resistant and durable PU leather fully embraces the classic style and looks very elegant.

Exquisite Gift Box
Our product with the exquisite gift box is both convenient for collection to keep your memory for long time and perfect for gift giving anytime and anywhere.

Inner Pages

  • Title Page 1 page
  • Preface and Contents 2 pages
  • Vision Board 2 pages
  • World Map 2 pages
  • 3-year Journal 384pages
  • 3-year Summary 2 pages
  • Squared Pages 4 pages
  • Personal Information 1 pages

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