2022 Daily Diary by YouthWill



Cover Material: PU
Inner Pages Material: 52GSM Tomoe River Paper from Japan*
Inner Pages Type: Daily Diary, One Page for One Day
Size: A6 (10.5*14.8cm)
Thickness: 2cm
*YouthWill applies the 52GSM Tomoe River Paper purchased from official authorized channel of Japan TOMOEGAWA. The paper is ultra-thin and smooth. Despite its thinness, the paper is remarkably resistant to ink bleedthrough. It perfectly shows the color of the ink and is excellent for fountain pens, watercolors, highlighters and other writing instruments.、


YouthWill's 2022 Daily Diary gives you one page for one day, perfect for both timeline to record your schedule and journal to capture a glimpse of your life.

Page-per-day format, plenty of space for planning and memory-keeping. You can also jot down notes, sketches, and designs on it. 3.3 mm grid pattern in subtle gray helps keep lists and drawings neatly aligned. The hours printed in the left-hand margins are also subtle, letting you easily use it as a journal, a planner or idea book. And it is slim enough to easily slip into a bag or backpack. The smooth Tomoe paper and a durable PU cover make it a great diary to carry with you at all times.

Daily Vertical Timeline
The design of the timeline overturns the common format which show the time only. Instead, the use of graphics indicating sunrise and sunset make it more flexible and romantic.

Daily Audio and Video Entertainment Record
The music you hear that day is often closely related to your mood. The section for recording the films and music which you watch and listen to will return you to the past, get you back the excitement and joy of that day.

Daily Health Tracker
YouthWill's 2022 Daily Diary leaves space for a brief record of sleep, exercise, diet and mood which aims to remind you to always pay attention to your health in the 4 aspects and enjoy a healthy life.

Moon Phases, Lunar Calendar Dates & 24 Solar Terms
YouthWill's 2022 Daily Diary puts the moon phases besides the date to let you know the moon waxing and waning. The moon changing from new to full combines the lunar calendar dates, 24 solar terms.

Special Function Pages
Page for Planner System
You can write down your personal planner system here. It shows your own system clearly and helps you order every notebook and planner systematically.
Page for Favorite
You can make a yearly favorite list to rank all the things interest you such as books, movies, Apps, cosmetics, clothes, stationery…
Page for Pen Test
Before you use this diary, you can try your frequently-used writing instruments on this page and find one that is best suited for writing on it. The back of this page is designed to be blank for clearly seeing whether there is bleeding, ghosting or not.

52GSM Tomoe River Paper
You can write smoothly on this paper. No ghosting and bleeding. It perfectly shows the color of the ink and is excellent for fountain pen, watercolor, highlighters and other writing instruments.

Rose Gold Ink
Fonts printed in custom rose gold ink and subtle gray look more exquisite. 3.3 mm grid pattern in subtle gray helps keep lists and drawings neatly aligned. It is just suitable and eye-pleasing, not too heavy to bother your writing experience.

Inner Pages

  • Title Page:  1 page
  • Contents:  2 pages
  • Calendar:  2 pages
  • Yearly Plan:  4 pages
  • World Map:  2 pages
  • Planner System:  2 pages
  • Monthly Planner for 12 months
  • Daily Diary for 12 months
  • Favorite:  8 pages
  • Yearly Moment:  2 pages
  • Yearly Review:  2 pages
  • Custom List:  10 pages
  • Pen Test:  3 pages
  • Sample Page:  11 pages
  • Free Page:  10 pages
  • Layout Reference:  2 pages
  • Personal Information:  1 page



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